What is this? A center for ants?!

Today the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders is delighted to share Postcards for Ants, an awesome ongoing project by Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Lorraine Loots. Every day Loot creates one exquisitely detailed and utterly itty-bitty painting. The project began on January 1, 2013 as a personal 365-day challenge, which means she’d created hundreds of these amazing miniature works of art.

When Cape Town was designated as the World Design Capital 2014, Loot decided to do a second year of tiny paintings, 365 Postcards for Ants, this time using her home city as the theme for each piece. Although each original painting has already been spoken for, Loot creates 5 prints of each day’s painting, which can be ordered through the project website.

To view more of Postcards for Ants visit Lorraine Loots’s website or follow her on Instagram, Facebook or right here on Tumblr at paintingsforants.

[via WHUDAT and Bored Panda]

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Ask Amy

Monday Motivation ♥

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London by Irene Suchocki

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Lea Salonga, the original Kim, pays a visit to the 2014 revival cast of Miss Saigon, 25 years since the premiere of the musical that changed her life.

Images courtesy of @MissSaigonUK on Twitter

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"Kim" is coming home to the West End!

Lea Salonga, who originated the role in the 1989 production, has confirmed that she will be performing at the special gala on September 22, to mark the 25th anniversary of the musical that launched her to international stardom.

Also set to appear are Jonathan Pryce and Simon Bowman, who originally played the Engineer and Chris, respectively, along with other members of the 1989 company, and the current cast.


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Jimmy fills in for some of Barbra Streisand’s duet partners

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